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The PYRAPREG project has received funding under the EDCTP3 programme of the European Union to complete its work that was delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

PYRAGREG-extended will allow for the full completion of Pyrapreg project. There will be particular focus on completion of safety and efficacy data. Furthermore, the project will focus on the neuro-cognitive and motor development of young children whose mothers have been treated with anti-malarials within the context of the trials.

The project is coordinated by Dr. Henk Schallig (Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands) and under scientific leadership of Prof. dr. Kassoum Kayentao (University of Bamako, Mali).

Capacity building within the context of the project sees fostering of 2 PhD students (Mousa Djimde from Mali and Japhet Kabalu from DRC).

The work to be done under PYRAPREG-extended will be highlighted on this website. Do check out our website to get informed about the latest developments of the project.

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